Paul Harding: Head of Research

I enjoy what I do because: Professional financial planning and financial advice help people do things in their life that they might not otherwise manage to do. Retiring early, getting a better return on pensions or investments, being tax efficient, reducing exposure to risk to give greater peace of mind – these are all things that give me a great sense of fulfilment when we help clients achieve them.

Cats, Canines & Kids: About 25 years ago I saw the longevity crisis coming and realised the country would need more people to contribute into Pensions. I now have 6 wonderful children! 3 adult daughters, Emily, Mary and Alice, are all now making their way in the world, building their careers and making me very proud and 3 young boys, Isaac, Leo and Sidney, who are generally making their way through the fridge and building their Star Wars Lego models, but making me equally proud of course!

Hobbies: Rugby, Skiing, Racketball, keeping up to date with pensions, financial planning seminars, poker, evolution, song writing, investment strategies.

3 Fun Facts:

  • One of my best investments was to buy tickets for the 2003 final when England won the Rugby World Cup.
  • Sadly it hasn’t helped our pensions much, but my wife and I have both had songs played on Radio 1 that we either wrote, sang or played on.
  • My childrens’ initials in chronological order spell EMAILS

Local tip: So many lovely places to walk or cycle – Knole Park, Ashdown Forest, South Downs – I can’t wait for retirement!

If I didn’t work at Chevening I would be: a songwriter living in New Zealand, half way between the Southern Alps and the Crusaders Rugby team

What I’m looking forward to: an increase in Child Benefit, the simplification of Pensions, less but more effective regulation, a time when investments only ever go up, the second time England win the Rugby World Cup.