Jenni Macdonald-Sykes: Independent Financial Adviser

Talk to me about: I advise on all aspects of financial planning, including, pensions – before, at and during retirement, investments, tax planning and planning for later life.

I also specialise in financial planning on divorce assisting clients at all stages of the divorce process.  I can help you to gain clarity over your current situation, provide advice on what to do with capital sums and pensions assets awarded as part of a financial settlement, and most importantly, work with you to create a new financial plan for the future.

Talk to me about your goals, and we can work together to achieve them.

I enjoy what I do because: Providing financial advice during or following divorce is not simply about finding the right investment portfolio (although of course, we do this too).  It is also about building financial confidence and peace of mind for the future, that you perhaps were not expecting.

It is incredibly rewarding to work through this process with my clients and to see an improvement to their financial wellbeing over time and the impact this has on their lives.

Cats, Canines and Kids: A beautiful 3-year old daughter and a crazy 4-year old Sproodle.

Hobbies: Life is pretty busy, and this doesn’t leave a great deal of opportunity for hobbies but when I have the time I love to sing in a choir.  There’s nothing more uplifting than singing with a group!

Fun Facts: I once sang on stage with Jocelyn Brown. I’m most proud of my solo travels around India…and not sure I’d have the guts to do it again!

Local Tip: My favourite place to walk the dogs is Wilderness Woods in Hadlow Down, great coffee and cake afterwards.  The best Sunday roast in my area can definitely be found at The Middle House in Mayfield.

If I didn’t work at Chevening I’d be: Chasing around a fast-moving toddler 5 days a week! Or possibly a counsellor, I’m a good listener and like to help people solve their problems.

What I’m looking forward to: Helping more clients to build a financially strong future. Self-driving cars becoming standard before my daughter is at the age of requiring a full-time taxi service.