David Hawes-Gatt: IFA Director

Talk to me about: Pension funds and investments, At retirement planning, Inheritance tax planning, specialist tax efficient investments including EIS, VCT, Seed EIS (SEIS) and others.

I enjoy what I do because: I am a people person. I think that when it comes to investment, pension and tax planning it’s important that I actually get on with and like my clients and vice versa. I love the fact that so many of my clients have grown with me over many, many years and in some cases I am now helping their children and even grandchildren with advice.

Cats, Canines & Kids:
Sorry, don’t do pets! After inadvertently leaving my children’s pet rabbits out in the run overnight several years ago and having to explain that they had gone away (via the fox) I gave up on them. However, very happy to see Millie and Tillie , our resident dogs, in our office on a regular basis. I have three wonderful grown up sons, Edward, Christopher and George, and they make me proud on a regular basis.

Hobbies: Well, obviously golf is my main sporting passion, playing off 8, at Hever Castle Golf Club. I thought that my competitive sporting days were over after playing football for 25 years, but have found that playing in the league and knockout teams for Hever really does get the adrenaline flowing sometimes. I’ve also taken up running to try and keep the pounds off and get a little fitter. I ran in the London Marathon in April 2017 and raised over £8,000 for DEBRA.

If I didn’t work at Chevening I would be: Would love to say golf professional, but I’m just not good enough for that and actually playing golf every day of the week does not excite me. I think I would have liked to run a country house hotel, I have stayed in many beautiful places around the UK over the years and running one would be a great challenge.

What I’m looking forward to: Continuing to see my boys get on in life and maybe to give me some grandchildren to take to the golf range at some point! Hoping for positive developments on the care of and preferably the eradication of the terrible genetic skin condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).