Alex FitzGerald: Client Services Assistant

I enjoy what I do because:  No two days are the same and there is always a lot of laughter in the office!

Canines and Kids: We have three children, Patrick Jessica and Max.  Our newest member of the family is Ella, our Golden Retriever who is utterly adorable and extremely hard work all at the same time!

If I didn’t work at Chevening I would be: Hopefully in employment with a company as flexible and supportive of working Mums as Chevening is.

Fun facts:
1. I’ve had the pleasure of a rather over-exuberant hug from Jack Nicholson!
2. My first job was working in recruitment for an Oil Service company – I’ve stayed in some odd places such as a porter cabin within an engineering base in Algeria surrounded by the Sahara desert.
3. I was taught how to sign the alphabet when I was 8 and I’ve never forgotten it.

What I’m looking forward to:  A house-trained dog!