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"I needed advice on how to maximise any tax opportunities. I needed help understanding what the best options were for investments. I had an inheritance which I wanted to invest as well. David Hawes-Gatt is very good at looking at the big picture and making creative suggestions which maximise any clever investment opportunities. He is not at all pushy and also very patient. He has also helped my husband with a SIPP and given us some very creative advice. His investment vehicles seem to perform well. He is very clear about costs and I always feel he is giving independent advice. The outcome is that we now have made full use of CGT allowances and are investing in ISA's. As a result of David's advice, my husband has an excellent SIPP which is very sensibly invested. David’s communication is excellent - he encourages regular updates and meetings to let us know how our investments are doing and regularly reviews where we are. He is like a Personal Trainer for your money. Making sure you don't just skip training sessions and continually reacts to changes in legislation."
West London
"Jo has been working with us now since 2006. Jo helps look after our retirement income from several pots, which involves investments and tax planning. Her advice has been consistent and of a very high standard. I have recommended her services to our friends. Jo has introduced us to one of her Solicitor contacts, and helped guide us in the process. We have set up LPA’s and now have a long term plan for our family. We feel in safe hands."
Karen and Peter
Lightwater, Surrey
"Morning David, Just to say that the purchase is completed and I got the keys yesterday! Great news, I would like to thank you once more for your hard work and responsiveness. Your expertise has been most valuable as I try to stretch financially. I really felt you have gone the extra mile to find suitable products and to guide me through the applications. I will definitely recommend you to anybody who needs mortgage advice. I hope I will have the chance to use your services again."
"I have known David Hawes-Gatt for 14 years and in that time he has given me excellent advice on investing my money and my pension. David always leaves me with a clear understanding of my investments and is always quick to get back to me if I have a query. I would have no hesitation in recommending David and his team at Chevening Financial."
"As a chartered tax advisor, I could see that Jo Waldern was providing an excellent investment advice service to mutual clients that I also helped out with. When it was the right time for my family to seek expertise in investing and financial matters, I had absolutely no hesitation in contacting Jo who has proved invaluable in steering us along the right path. Jo is very professional in her work at Chevening and I have already recommended her to a close friend who has recently engaged Jo as her financial advisor too. I wish Jo and her team the very best and my sincere thanks for your efforts."
Nr. Dorking, Surrey
"I have been with David for over 10 years now and he as always provided me with sound advice for both my pension and saving vehicles. Where appropriate he has advised change and to date, all has done well! Performance has been good and he is always available either to meet up or communicate via phone/email. David is a very good listener. He took plenty of time to ask many pertinent questions so as to gain a full understanding of our financial situation. Thereafter he came up with well thought through proposal that was a perfect fit for our needs. He kept things simple and ensured that we fully understood the process at every step. His advice has resulted in a considerable reduction in the inheritance tax bill that our son might incur and has put our minds at rest. "
"I would highly recommend the services and advice provided by Chevening Financial for anyone wanting to make the most of their financial savings and assets. I started working with them in 2010 when I had a series of complicated financial incomes which needed investing. For someone not familiar with all the options they took me through a well considered strategy and explained clearly and concisely what factors needed to be considered. I was also delighted with the cash flow illustration which showed well into retirement what outgoings and income I could expect. Not only do I think the advice was well worth paying for, as I have already made this up in tax efficiencies and investment growth but I feel my investments are well balanced and soundly invested for the future."
"Pension legislation is amongst the most intimidating for the lay person especially when considering transferring out of a defined benefits scheme. Jo and her team at Chevening Financial helped navigate me through this complex maze so that I could make informed decisions about my family's financial future based on a transparent and open approach. I value Jo as a trusted IFA and feel confident that our financial future is in safe hands."
Capel, Surrey
"Chevening Financial have provided invaluable advice to my clients. The Chevening team are professional and proactive and give advice in a clear, easy to understand way. With Paul Harding holding a STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) financial qualification, we can be reassured that our clients are being advised appropriately."
"Dear Rob, I have said before that you are probably the only person I have met that I trust to give me advice on investing money and pensions. Time and again I have asked you endless questions relating to complex clauses and conditions on one policy or another. You have met each with patience, good humour and professionalism. But more than that, you have always left me with the clear understanding that you regard me as a friend and that for that reason alone my affairs are treated by you as of the utmost importance. I have no doubt that you treat all of your clients in the same way. My wife and I derive considerable peace of mind from knowing that if the worst were ever to happen, our three boys would be well provided for."
"Like many people approaching retirement today I had worked for several companies and hence had contributed to a variety of pension pots including an AVC during the period of employment. A couple of years prior to my planned retirement I was only aware from reading financial articles in newspapers that I wasn’t was bound to take up an annuity with the company which managed a particular pension. Faced with sorting out several pots I realised I would need sound financial advice on how to proceed. Following a conversation with a long-standing friend regarding the conundrum I faced in sorting out my pension arrangements, he introduced me to Jo Waldern who is an independent financial adviser with Chevening Financial Ltd. Several meetings with Jo, well in advance of my retirement date, enabled her to plan pulling together the various pension sources into a single investment pot and annuitising where appropriate. As I planned to continue working part time as a consultant after my retirement date, the investments were placed to enable drawing down an income when needed and withdrawal of tax free elements whilst receiving an income from part time work. Also, as part of pension planning, Jo drew my attention to having a look at making an up to date Will to take into account changes such as arrival of grandchildren, charities supported etc. since last making a Will some years beforehand. And, most importantly the need to set up Letters of Enduring Power of Attorney. Jo continually monitors my current pension investments with our regular meetings to take into account my reducing consultancy income and change in spending patterns - the arrangement of my pension pots by Jo wasn’t a one-off exercise."
Coulsdon, Surrey
"Dear Rob, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you, the way that you and your company work, to do the ground work, to get the precise information required to give good, sound advice, and to explain to you in a way that you can understand. This is the second time that I have used the services of Chevening Financial, firstly to look at some savings I had and secondly to change my pension funds, which I did not take lightly as this is my future. But with Chevening’s advice I have no hesitation in signing the loads of paperwork! I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob Hunt of Chevening Financial."
"Hi David Thank you so much for arguing our case with the lender and for facilitating common sense prevailing in the end. This is a really good deal for us. Not just being able to roll over at a far better rate than offered by the current provider, but with the offset facility for 5 years helping us with the uncertain nature of our cash flow and hopefully us then avoiding locking in the full amount for the full term too. Great job David!"
"I wish to comment as to how happy I am as to my decision to commence my Pension Portfolio Plan with yourselves, from its inception in February 2010, consolidating several plans accrued over the years. After extremely useful advice and projections by Mark Wapshott, the core investments & their likely performance has been validated year on year and I am extremely pleased with the way everything has been handled."
"Mark offers investment & pensions advice with high integrity in a very personable & friendly manner. He brings clarity to what is often a complex & potentially confusing subject matter and is a pleasure to do business with."
"I have known David Hawes Gatt for 9 or 10 years now while I was still working and more recently into my retirement and in that time I have always found David to be particularly responsive to my needs as well as very proactive when it comes to investment advice. Previous advisors I have worked with were always so hard to track down but I like the way with Chevening you always get a quick response. They have a good team and have devised a very good plan for my wife and I to enable us to enjoy our retirement and for the inheritance tax bill on our estate to be drastically reduced. David takes time to explain everything carefully so you know what is being done and fully understand everything about the investments."
"Chevening Financial carried out an employee benefits review for a successful local technology company, who have 30 employees. Whilst the company were happy with the pension and group life schemes they had in place for their staff, they were concerned that virtually all information was communicated to them via an online portal. The existing adviser conducted a group session once a year where he gave scheme members a general update on pensions and investment markets. David Hawes-Gatt met with the directors of the company and gathered valuable feedback not just on what they wanted but also what services the staff might like to have from an advice firm. David took over the administration of the pension and group life schemes in February 2017, dealing with ongoing payments, claims enquiries, auto enrolment obligations etc. Chevening’s contract with the company ensured that online access to information would continue to be available to employees. In addition to this David conducts annual individual meetings with each employee, to review their personal circumstances, including the performance of their pension funds, a review of their risk profile and providing targeted retirement plans. Chevening Financials contract with the company resulted in a 30% saving for them in annual fees. It has been a breath of fresh air for our staff since David took over. His personal approach, where he actively engages with our staff, has gone down extremely well. This, together with a reduction in our ongoing fees, has been a real bonus for our company and the employees."
"Jo was recommended to me six years ago by a friend who had made assets from the sale of his businesses. At the time I was in the position of having an adviser whose advice I found wanting. Since taking my friend’s advice my life has been transformed because all of the day-to-day actions and advice from my accountants has been removed from my to-do list, allowing me to concentrate on my Practice. The investments for my wife and myself have performed well and the combination of reliable performance and communication with my tax advisers has been a revelation."
Dr John B
Kingswood, Surrey
"David is a highly trusted financial advisor to my wife and myself for many years and has never let us down, and only offered rock-solid and beneficial solutions and advice."
"When we decided to work with a new financial adviser we knew that we wanted to find someone who would understand and appreciate our short, medium and long-term goals. From the very first meeting, it was clear that Noel's main objective was to help us meet ours. We spent time establishing our objectives and the best way to achieve these. In the process of building the plan, Noel identified several areas that should be addressed which increased our net income in the short term and in the long term would enable us to achieve our goals. These areas had been overlooked by a previous adviser. We now feel reassured that we have a robust plan in place alongside a vision for our financial future."
Mr and Mrs H
"I just wanted to write and let you know that we have now completed on the sale of our home and have moved to our new address. This would not have been accomplished in the timescale that it was without your patience and tenacity over the whole process. I know that it was complicated as the property we were considering changed on three occasions, it must have been a little trying for you at times as you were also preparing for your wedding but you saw it through and we got our wonderful house. Very many thanks. David, we truly appreciate all of your support and help."
Jim and Sue
"Hello David Many thanks for this morning's meeting, and for forwarding the documents. Thanks, too, for all the work you've put into sorting out my retirement finances, and for your patience! It’s reassuring to know my affairs are in such good hands.!
Sevonoaks, Kent

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