Automatic Enrolment is compulsory for ALL employers..... But you still have a choice  

 Do it yourself 

 OR Let Chevening Financial do it for you! 

Before your staging date: 
Establish what information and data is required 
Communicate ‘Auto Enrolment’ to all employees 
Access your own workforce 
Confirm your staging date 
Establish eligible jobholders 
Establish non eligible Jobholders 
Establish entitled workers 
Decide on what contribution levels and definitions? 
(Varies between 7-9% of salary) 
Do you need to use postponement? 
Will you use existing scheme or will you need to research a new one? 
Do you choose and offer one default investment fund for all employees? 
Manage your interaction with HR and Payroll on a monthly basis 
Check HR issues, review contracts for compliance with legislation 
Staging date Arrives: 
General letter to all members of staff 
Separate letter needed for each classification 
Have a robust pension policy for opt out process and ensure it is published 
Enroll all appropriate jobholders 
Manage opt out process 
After staging date: 
Check pension is registered correctly 
Maintain all records 
On going checks for compliance with legislation 
Note: The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of auto-enrolment. 
We will: 
 Work out what needs doing for your firm and when 
 Identify the options open to you in good time 
 Put the choices in front of you in a clear and simple way 
 Help you pick which option suits your firm best 
 Help you implement and launch 
 Provide you with as much assistance as you require to meet every obligation under the rules, initially and in the future 
Automatic Enrolment Advice
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