Introducing A Great Team of Independent Financial Advisers in The South East!  

 The Advisers 

Paul Harding Pensions and Investments
David Hawes-Gatt Retirement Planning
Rob Hunt Financial Planning
Dave Fryer Mortgage Specialist
Mark Wapshott Pensions Specialist
Jo Waldern Investment Specialist

     The Support Team 

Julia Decoine Chevening Financial
Jo Skeath Chevening Financial
Jayne Carroll Chevening Financial

Name: Paul Harding Role: IFA Director and Head of Research for Pensions and Investments Talk to me about: Pensions, Investments, Financial Planning, Inheritance Tax planning 

I enjoy what I do because: Professional financial planning and financial advice help people do things in their life that they might not otherwise manage to do. Retiring early, getting a better return on pensions or investments, being tax efficient, reducing exposure to risk to give greater peace of mind – these are all things that give me a great sense of fulfilment when we help clients achieve them. 
Cats, Canines & Kids: About 25 years ago I saw the longevity crisis coming and realised the country would need more people to contribute into Pensions. I now have 6 wonderful children! 3 adult daughters, Emily, Mary and Alice, are all now making their way in the world, building their careers and making me very proud and 3 young boys, Isaac, Leo and Sidney, who are generally making their way through the fridge, building their Star Wars Lego models but making me equally proud of course! 
Hobbies: Rugby, Skiing, Racketball, keeping up to date with pensions, financial planning seminars, poker, evolution, songwriting, investment strategies. 
3 Fun Facts: 
· One of my best investments was to buy tickets for the 2003 final when England won the Rugby World Cup. 
· Sadly it hasn’t helped our pensions much, but my wife and I have both had songs played on Radio 1 that we either wrote, sang or played on. 
· My childrens’ initials in chronological order spell EMAILS 
Local tip: So many lovely places to walk or cycle – Knole Park, Ashdown Forest, South Downs – I cant wait for retirement! 
If I didn’t work at Chevening I would be: a songwriter living in New Zealand, half way between the Southern Alps and the Crusaders Rugby team 
What I’m looking forward to: an increase in Child Benefit, the simplification of Pensions, less but more effective regulation, a time when investments only ever go up, the second time England win the Rugby World Cup. 

Name: David Hawes-Gatt Role: IFA Director Talk to me about: Pension funds and investments, At retirement planning, Auto enrolment for employers. Inheritance tax planning, specialist tax efficient investments including EIS, VCT, Seed EIS (SEIS) and others. 

I enjoy what I do because: I am a people person. I think that when it comes to investment, pension and tax planning it’s important that I actually get on with and like my clients and vice versa. I love the fact that so many of my clients have grown with me over many, many years and in some cases I am now helping their children and even grandchildren with advice. 
Cats, Canines & Kids: Sorry, don’t do pets! After inadvertently leaving my children’s pet rabbits out in the run overnight several years ago and having to explain that they had gone away (via the fox) I gave up on them. However, very happy to see Millie and Tillie , our resident dogs, in our office on a regular basis. I have three wonderful grown up sons, Edward, Christopher and George, all now in their twenties and making me proud on a regular basis
Hobbies: Well, obviously golf is my main sporting passion, playing off 8, at Hever Castle Golf Club. I thought that my competitive sporting days were over after playing football for 25 years, but have found that playing in the league and knockout teams for Hever really does get the adrenaline flowing sometimes. I've also taken up running to try and keep the pounds off and get a little fitter. I ran in the London Marathon in April 2017 and raised over £8,000 for DEBRA. 
If I didn’t work at Chevening I would be: Would love to say golf professional, but I’m just not good enough for that and actually playing golf every day of the week does not excite me. I think I would have liked to run a country house hotel, I have stayed in many beautiful places around the UK over the years and running one would be a great challenge. 
What I’m looking forward to: Continuing to see my boys get on in life and maybe to give me some grandchildren to take to the golf range at some point! Hoping for positive developments on the care of and preferably the eradication of the terrible genetic skin condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). 

Name: Rob Hunt Role: IFA Director Talk to me about: Pensions, Investments, Financial Planning, Inheritance Tax Planning 

I enjoy what I do because: Helping clients obtain financial security, whether this be through their pension planning, investments or by ensuring they are properly protected, gives me a real sense of satisfaction. The freedom and peace of mind that clients can achieve in their lives with proper financial planning is an enticing prospect and one that can realistically be achieved. 
Cats, Canines & Kids: I’m married to Joanne with 2 teenage daughters, Emily and Olivia. As may appear obvious I am heavily outnumbered by females at home and find that my opinion counts for very little apart from when I’m allowed to talk about pensions, investment and tax planning, which obviously isn’t very often. Apparently my dress sense leaves a lot to be desired as well! 
Hobbies: These are mainly sports orientated interests, football, cricket, racket sports, and the gym although more and more this involves watching rather than playing. My girls seem to have inherited my love of sport and a great deal more ability and are heavily involved in most team sports as well as gymnastiscs and trampolining. 
Fun fact: I once appeared in a film with Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley although I don’t feel I achieved the critical acclaim or financial rewards my performance deserved. Apparently being an extra in a film doesn’t count for much! 

Name: Dave Fryer Role: Mortgage Specialist 

David joined Chevening in January 2009 to become the firm's mortgage adviser. He is a fully qualified independent financial adviser with over 18 years experience in the industry. As well as enjoying spending time with his family, David is another keen golfer and with a handicap of 5, is proud to be Chevening's number 1. 

Name: Mark Wapshott Role: Independent Financial Adviser and Pensions Specialist 

Mark has been a Financial Adviser since 1987 and truly Independent since 1992, having worked mainly within East Anglia working with individuals & companies, specialising recently in Pensions & the At Retirement market. 
Mark provides advice to clients North of the Thames, helping those in the East Anglian area. 
There is only one thing that drags Mark away from work, Rugby! His wife and two sons (who play themselves) are very understanding. 

Name: Jo Waldern Role: Independent Financial Adviser and Investment Specialist. 

As a highly experienced specialist Independent Financial Planner, my passion is in making hard-earned money work hard for a larger trust, at retirement, and investment portfolios. I mainly provide financial advice to long term clients of relatively high net worth and who are typically aged 50 and over. Several are entrepreneurs who have sold their own companies. 
I have a Master's degree in Economics and have had a highly successful City career, initially in Institutional Bond Trading and then as an Investment Banker, therefore giving me a deep knowledge and experience of investments. 
As a person, it is important to me to be trustworthy, professional and discreet. It is essential to me that my clients and any potential clients feel they can rely on me to be completely confidential and look after their affairs quietly, skilfully and carefully. 
For me, there is no better feeling that when clients of long-standing recommend my services to others.For me, there is no better feeling than when clients of long-standing recommend my services to others. 
• Wealth Transfers using Trusts 
• Tax Planning 
• Investment Portfolio Construction 
• Pension Drawdown 
• IHT 

Name: Julia Decoine Role: Accounts Manager 

I enjoy what I do because: I have always liked doing jobs with figures. I have also known the Directors for a long time and it is like going to see my friends not going to work. 
Cats, Canines and Kids: Millie is my border terrier. She loves coming into the office as it allows her so sleep all day and look out of the long window spying on rabbits and rodents when she decides to wake up. I have two girls, one still at school and one at uni. 
Hobbies: I love walking with Millie and have recently walked the South Downs Way over four weekends and at a very leisurely pace, enjoying the scenery as well as experiencing lots of B&Bs. I play netball for a local league. I also enjoy cycling and have done the London to Brighton a couple of times as well as helping a friend exercise her horses. 
If I didn’t work at Chevening I would be: Out enjoying the countryside, be it walking, cycling or horse riding. 
What I’m looking forward to: Seeing my girls grow up and enjoying their lives as well as continuing to enjoy mine. 

Name: Jo Skeath Role: Office Manager 

I enjoy what I do because: Working at Chevening doesn’t feel like coming to work at all. Located in the countryside just outside Sevenoaks, it’s a very friendly, relaxed office where everyone is treated as an equal and able to voice their opinion ,whether agreed with or not,. Regular laughter will be heard from the office – unless one of the boys has “man flu” of course! 
Cats, Canines and kids: Yes – all of those. Tilly ,my handbag dog, is also a regular visitor and sits under my desk in the hope that the next client through the door will make a fuss of her. I have three fab children – or should perhaps describe them as young adults. George ,working in insurance, Alexandra , hopefully heading to University in September and Chloe , about to undertake GCSE’s. 
If I didn’t work at Chevening I would be: Realistically, working for my husband’s company. Unrealistically, I’d like to think I would be running my own business in the sunnier climate of Spain. 
What I’m looking forward to: Spending more time travelling and having fun with my lovely husband and family and, as and when grandchildren do appear, enjoying having them to stay at my home in the sun (when I get it) – bit of a theme in case you hadn’t noticed! 

Name: Jayne Carroll Role: Client Services Assistant 

I enjoy what I do because: 
I am the newest member of the team only joining in September 2015, and I can vouch that they are all a hard working and friendly team. After returning to work after having two children it’s a great family orientated place to work. 
Cats, Canines and Kids: 
I have two children Joshua and Beatrice who are now at secondary school so my days are free for longer. We have a pet chocolate Labrador called Charlie who is very good at telling the time and comes and nudges me at 5.30pm to tell me it’s dinner time!! 
Dancing has always been my hobby mainly Ballroom and Latin of which I teach most evenings. Strictly Come Dancing is our favourite TV programme and the kids know not to interrupt me when it is on. We also like walking as a family and watching the children in their team sports. Joshua likes rugby, football, basket ball and cricket. Beatrice enjoys netball and dancing. 
If I didn’t work at Chevening: 
Teaching Dancing, my aim is to get everyone dancing…. 
Meet Millie - One of our two beloved pet dogs in the office, and very important member of our team! 
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